Beautiful Skin


Beauty is only skin deep.  Well, maybe, but there’s more to it than that.  It’s more than the creams you put on your face, or the genes you’ve inherited from your parents, or the makeup you apply each morning.

The skin is not only the largest organ in your body, it’s a reflection of who you are in total – healthwise.  It’s a reflection of what’s going with all your other organs.  It’s a reflection of the foods you eat;  your lifestyle;  your mental health; your social relationships; your stress levels and the quality of the sleep you get each night.  So when I’m talking about skin care I’m really talking about so much more…  I’m talking about your health and wellbeing.

As a master esthetician for close to 40 years I’ve devoted my life to understanding everything about skin care. I try to apply this to my personal life as well as counseling my devoted clients so they don’t have to spend their lives doing the research that I do (although I do love it, I’m addicted).  I can’t say that I’ve always made the right choices for the betterment of my skin, but I can say that I’m continually learning and implementing what I’ve learned to create a better quality of life.

The takeaway here is that there is no magic bullet.  Beautiful skin requires a commitment, an open mind and a sense of adventure and excitement as you begin a journey toward feeling great, looking great and achieving your most beautiful skin. I’d be most happy to help you along the way.

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