Sensitive Skin

Do you think you have sensitive skin?  When surveyed more than 50% of people asked said “yes”. But what exactly is sensitive skin? Some of my clients feel they have sensitive skin because their skin easily reacts to the products or treatments their given. Some because their skin often breakouts after being stimulated. Some clients have allergy prone skin that gets red, itchy, burny or rashy when exposed to certain ingredients.  Some skins are thinner, meaning their nerve endings are closer to the surface, therefore their skin reacts more profoundly to environmental irritants. Some skin’s protective lipid barrier has been compromised, this makes them more prone to dehydration and more reactive, often presenting as stinging or burning to products or environmental aggressors such as indoor heat or dry air. Some clients have rosacea which opens them up to all sorts of skin reactions, especially redness and chronic inflammation. The circumstances of why you think you have sensitive skin need to be specified before your esthetician can come up with an effective treatment program. When visiting your dermatologist or skin care specialist it is essential that you to offer up as much information as possible about how, why (and to what degree) you feel your skin is sensitive. Sensitive skin may not be able to be cured but with understanding of the individual concerns it can often be managed, with good results. The following articles will help you obtain a better understanding of what your individual sensitive skin condition means.